After long absence, JumpCut and HackCamp

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So after long time away, have finally cleared out all the link spam and updated the blog package online. Still a bit awkward to use, but there you go. Will post some of my writings from classes this past year at sims (er, the iSchool).

In case any of you that follow video and such did not catch it, Yahoo bought JumpCut - it was announced on Tuesday. The lesson here is if you have any idea that seems relatively straightforward and you can find a few Flash hackers to help implement it, you can still make piles of money - it’s the bubble all over again! Sony’s recent purchase of Grouper for tons of dough ($70 per user) is another example.

Tomorrow is the big Hack Camp at Yahoo! Should be interesting to see what folks come up with. The internal hack days have produced a few surprises, along with some nice ideas. At the same time, I will be there - maybe I am getting too old, but the idea of camping out with a bunch of other propeller-heads just does not sound that appealing.

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